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Nagasaki Airport is situated in Omura City at the center of Nagasaki Prefecture.

To Travel Time
Omura Station approx. 10 min
Isahaya approx. 25 min
Nagasaki approx. 35 min(Expressway)
Unzen approx. 85 min
Shimabara approx. 85 min
Huis Ten Bosch approx. 45 min
Saikaibashi approx. 55 min
Sasebo approx. 70 min

* Mishima Ohashi Bridge, which connects Nagasaki Airport to the mainland, will close when wind speeds reach 25 m/s or over.

* Click here for Disabled Parking(navigates to Airport Information/Disability Access page)

Detailed Map of Surrounding Area

Nagasaki Airport [Address] 593 Mishimamachi, Omura, Nagasaki

Map of Airport Island

▼Disabled Parking

▼Nagasaki Airport Security Police Box