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Since its establishment in 1931 in Nagasaki Prefecture, which is surrounded by abundant seas, Marunaka Honpo has remained uncompromising on all aspects of production of its wares, from the quality of the ingredients to the finishing touches. Everything is hand-made by skilled artisans. The freshness of the fish and the firmness of its flesh is all felt by hand, and the fish mince is carefully hand-ground with a millstone. A perfect way to enjoy Nagasaki's fruits of the sea.

Store Guide
business hours 8:45~18:30
phone number 0957-52-9910
Additional services

- Spend ¥3,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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  • Featured Products

    Freshly Fried Kamaboko (4 slices)
    Freshly Fried Kamaboko (4 slices)

    16 varieties of kamaboko fish cake are fried on the premises in the shop's kitchen. Take home some hot, freshly fried kamaboko.¥1,080 (with tax)

    Nagasaki Kōfukutei Yakikama  1 piece
    Nagasaki Kōfukutei Yakikama 1 piece

    This grilled Kamaboko is made with fresh ingredients and carefully grilled. Soft and fluffy on the inside, grilled to fragrant perfection on the outside.¥194 (with tax)

    Deep-fried Minced Fishcake (Sardine)
    Deep-fried Minced Fishcake (Sardine)

    Made with sardines and Mitsusedori chicken. The soft fluffy texture and flavor, which is like a fish burger, make it a popular choice.¥702 (with tax)

    Nagasaki Chanpon Ten (Tempura)
    Nagasaki Chanpon Ten (Tempura)

    Nagasaki Chanpon noodles encased in kamaboko and deep-fried. A typical Nagasaki treat from the ocean.¥594 (with tax)