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Huis Ten Bosch


Store offering a wide range of popular souvenirs from Huis Ten Bosch, including cheeses, sausages, cheesecake and merchandise.

Store Guide
business hours 8:45~18:30
phone number 0957-52-5551
Additional services

- Spend ¥3,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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  • Featured Products

    Cream Cheese 220 g
    Cream Cheese 220 g

    Huis Ten Bosch's most popular cheese. Enjoy it like chilled tofu, with a drizzle of soy sauce over the top. Perfect as a snack with an alcoholic drink.¥1,550 (with tax)

    Large Beer Sausage
    Large Beer Sausage

    A highly versatile sausage, delicious either as it is or cooked. Enjoy it as you would salami.¥1,300 (with tax)

    Spicy Cheese Flavor Happy Turn (Box of 20)
    Spicy Cheese Flavor Happy Turn (Box of 20)

    Happy Turn crackers only available at Huis Ten Bosch. The cheesy flavor and spicy kick of these crackers will get you coming back for more.1,080 (with tax)

    Ginger Syrup
    Ginger Syrup

    An original ginger syrup made with entire pieces of ginger from Kyushu ground to a pulp as well as a blend of Kabosu citrus from Oita and brown sugar from Okinawa. Enjoy its refreshing sour zing and simple sweetness.2,660 (with tax)