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Nagasaki Japanese beef , " Nagasaki bale product " ( prefecture certification criteria pass processed marine products ) , such as Nagasaki four seasons field ( prefecture authentication processed agricultural goods) , Nagasaki Prefecture selection of agricultural and marine products processed products of other , Nagasaki oranges for each season , Nagasaki loquat we sell , such as seasonal fruits , such as .

Store Guide
business hours 8:45~18:30
phone number 0957-53-3511
Cards accepted
  • JCB
  • VISA
  • マスター
  • UC
  • 楽天
  • 銀聯
Electronic money Allowed
  • Edy
  • nanaco
  • WAON
  • 交通系IC
  • 銀聯
  • QuicPay
  • ID
  • ApplePay
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  • Featured Products

    Nagasaki Wagyu
    Nagasaki Wagyu

    In the whole country Japanese beef ability expo times the first 10 ( 2012 October ) , honors one seat « Japan » , was further awarded the honorary award " the Prime Minister's Award " Nagasaki Japanese beef . Balance of fat mellow taste and lean with a meat original taste is exquisite meat quality .

    「Nagasaki Tawaramono」
    「Nagasaki Tawaramono」

    Seventeen century ( Genroku era ) of Nagasaki harbor flourished as domestic and overseas logistics bases , marine products that were shipped packed in " bales " is well received , " Nagasaki bales matter " was being revived in honor of this is. It is a gem that represents Nagasaki modern that satisfies the stringent quality standards .

    Nagasaki Shikibatake
    Nagasaki Shikibatake

    Produced agricultural products that are featured in Nagasaki Prefecture each region , it has been manufacturing a number of excellent processed agricultural goods . In Nagasaki Prefecture, it sells such excellent processed agricultural goods as Nagasaki Prefecture brand " Nagasaki four seasons field " .