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The official store of V-VAREN NAGASAKI. As well as uniforms, we also sell sweets, accessories, and original goods. We hope that our goods help customers feel a deeper connection with V-VAREN NAGASAKI.

Store Guide
business hours 8:45~18:30
phone number 0957-50-0551
Electronic money Allowed
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  • 交通系IC
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  • Featured Products

    Player-themed scarf
    Player-themed scarf

    You can put this scarf to full use when watching a match. Buy the scarf of your favorite player, and come and support the team!

    2,200 (with tax)

    Vivi-kun Stuffed Toy
    Vivi-kun Stuffed Toy

    This is a stuffed toy version of Vivi-kun, the mascot of V-VAREN NAGASAKI. Vivi-kun is so cute! This toy is popular with both girls and boys, young and old!

    3.300 (with tax)

    Vivi-kun 350 ml Bottle
    Vivi-kun 350 ml Bottle

    A plastic bottle in the shape of the adorable Vivi-kun filled with spring water from Mt. Fuji. This will make for an delightful souvenir or present!

    ¥400 (with tax)