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Tsubaki Goto Udon


Goto Tenobe (hand-stretched) udon noodles, which have been made in the Goto islands of Nagasaki Prefecture for generations, are one of Japan's three great udon varieties, and are sometimes known as "Phantom Noodles." Made with camelia oil, a local specialty, and natural salt made in Nagasaki Prefecture, they are known for their firm, smooth texture.

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Hours Temporarily closed
Tel 0957-52-5554
Additional services

- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking. 
- Menu available in several languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, English)

  • All seats are non smoking
  • Foreign language notation menu - Yes
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Featured Products

Piping hot udon noodles boiled in plenty of hot water are served with soy sauce of a dipping sauce made from ago (flying fish) dashi stock. This dish, called Jigoku-daki, meaning "Hell-cooked," is a popular local dish.
Enjoy it with two different dipping sauces - ago dashi and raw egg.

840 (with tax)

A generous udon dish packed with ingredients. The main topping is a deep-fried kamaboko fish cake called chigiri-ten, which is accompanied by tempura shrimp, beef, wakame seaweed and a fried egg.

900 (with tax)

Udon noodles topped with aosa (powdered sea lettuce) produced in Nagasaki and a maruten (round, deep-fried) horse mackerel and sardine kamaboko, fragrant with the smell of the seashore.

840 (with tax)