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Botan Chinese Restaurant


No Chinese restaurant menu in Nagasaki is complete without Chanpon and Sara Udon Noodles, and we are particularly proud of ours. We also have a wide variety of other Chinese dishes for you to choose from.

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Store Guide
Hours ※The Chinese Restaurant "botan" is located in the "Airport" Restaurant on the second floor.
Tel 0957-52-5554
Additional services

- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.
- Menu available in several languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, English)

  • All seats are non smoking
  • Foreign language notation menu - Yes
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Featured Products
Unique thick, springy noodles, plenty of vegetables, and seafood combine beautifully in a rich, cloudy broth made with pork and chicken bones, making this one of our signature dishes.

1,040 (with tax)

Generous toppings in a slightly sweet sauce containing pork and chicken essence. Choose from thin and thick noodles. Add Kincho sauce to taste.

1,040 (with tax)