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Disability Access

Nagasaki Prefecture Universal Tourism Center

Universal Tourism (UT) aims to let everyone enjoy all of their travels. Our center provides information and services related to UT/BF (barrier-free) that may be useful for the elderly, and for people with disabilities.

Floor Guide 1F
TEL (+81) 957-46-3773


Main Services

Inquiries on UT/BF information related to tourism; rental services for wheelchairs, baby strollers and etc. (fees apply); information and reservation for caregiver assistance services; information and reservation for care taxis, and etc.

Multi-purpose Restrooms

Multi-purpose restrooms for the use of patrons with small children, wheelchair users, pregnant women and other patrons with special needs are located in various areas of the airport.

Floor Guide 1F 2F 3F
TEL 0957-52-5556

Elevators and Escalators

All elevators and escalators in the airport are barrier-free.
All elevators and escalators in the airport are equipped with textured paving tiles and audio guides.

Floor Guide 1F 2F 3F
TEL 0957-52-5556

Disabled Drop-off/Pick-up Zone

There is a designated drop-off and pick-up zone for passengers with disabilities in front of the Airport Terminal.

Floor Guide 1F
Remarks Please move your car after your passenger has boarded or left the car.

Information Desk

We provide information about facilities inside the airport building as well as about access by public transportation If you have any questions about anything inside the building, please feel free to come to the information desk.

Floor Guide 1F
TEL 0957-52-5555


Main Services ・Information about facilities inside the building
・Inquiries about lost and found items
・Information on transportation connecting the airport with individual locations
・Tourist information
※Please inquire with the individual airline for aircraft arrival/departure information, airline tickets, the reserved seat vacancy situation, articles left behind on the aircraft etc.