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Founded in 1964, Mirokuya has brought Nagasaki's food culture to the homes of the rest of Japan through the consistent production and sale of Nagasaki Champon and Sara Udon noodles, the representative noodle dishes of Nagasaki. Anyone can easily recreate the taste of Nagasaki with Mirokuya noodles. Why not take home some Mirokuya Champon or Sara Udon noodles to remember your trip by or for your loved ones back home?

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Hours 6:45~20:30
Tel 0957-54-3698
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- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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Featured Products
Nagasaki Chanpon Noodles

Set containing a rich broth made with quality pork bones and shellfish extract, and the firm, springy Chanpon noodles for which Nagasaki is famous.

¥345 (with tax)

Nagasaki Sara Udon Noodles (2 serves)

Crisp, fragrant deep-fried noodles are the hero of this dish. Cover them with a rich, thick sauce packed with meat and vegetables, for a delicious treat that is almost magical.

¥626 (with tax)

Sara Udon Chocolate (6 pieces)

A new Nagasaki confectionery, born of an intriguing encounter between Mirokuya's crispy deep-fried noodles and sweet chocolate.

¥648 (with tax)

Frozen Chanpon Noodles

Includes all ingredients, so you only need one pan to enjoy the authentic flavor of Nagasaki Chanpon noodles in your own home. A product Mirokuya has confidence in.

864(with tax)