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The official store of V-VAREN NAGASAKI. As well as uniforms, we also sell sweets, accessories, and original goods. We hope that our goods help customers feel a deeper connection with V-VAREN NAGASAKI.

Store Guide
Hours 8:30~20:00 
Tel 0957-50-0551
Cards accepted
  • JCB
  • VISA
  • マスター
  • Diners Club
Electronic money Allowed
  • Edy
  • nanaco
  • WAON
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Featured Products
ユニフォーム ファーストフィールドプレイヤー サイズ(110、130、SS-S、M-L、O-XO、XA-XB)
First Field Player Uniform (Sizes: 110, 130, SS-S, M-L, O-XO, XA-XB)

This year’s design concept is based on hata fighter kites that move freely upon the earth and soar high in the sky. Since the Edo period, Nagasaki has actively held the “Hata-age,” a thrilling festival where people fly kites in the sky and compete to cut their opponents’ kite strings. The design of this uniform is based on the patterns of these “hata” fighter kites. V-Varen Nagasaki will become “hata” fighter kites that move freely upon the earth and soar high in the sky with the hope of becoming a team that’s stronger than ever before.

¥11,000 (with tax) *Only the 110 is ¥8,800 (with tax) / Custom name or number printing fee: ¥3,300 (with tax)

Player-themed scarf

You can put this scarf to full use when watching a match. Buy the scarf of your favorite player, and come and support the team!

2,200 (with tax)

ヴィヴィくん ぬいぐるみ
Vivi-kun Stuffed Toy

This is a stuffed toy version of Vivi-kun, the mascot of V-VAREN NAGASAKI. Vivi-kun is so cute! This toy is popular with both girls and boys, young and old!

1.980 (with tax)

ヴィヴィ水 350ml
Vivi-kun 350 ml Bottle

A plastic bottle in the shape of the adorable Vivi-kun filled with spring water from Mt. Fuji. This will make for an delightful souvenir or present!

¥300 (with tax)