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Noodle restaurants: TSUBAKI and BOTAN


The Chinese restaurant “BOTAN” and Goto Udon restaurant “TSUBAKI” which were previously on the first floor have moved and been newly reopened on the second floor.

Please try the local Nagasaki dishes “CHAMPON,” “SARA UDON” and “GOTO UDON.”

 *There is no Western menu.


*Recipient of the fiscal 2022 Nagasaki prefecture award for excellent hygiene



Serves mainly “CHAMPON” and “SARA UDON” dishes, which represent Chinese cuisine in Nagasaki Prefecture.

These are dishes that have been continually improved since the opening of the restaurant in 1982 and are the pride of the restaurant.



The Goto Tenobe (Hand-stretched) Udon are noodles traditionally made in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. They have also been called “Phantom Udon” and have been listed as one of the three major Udon noodles in Japan.

The noodles are made using the local specialty camellia oil and natural salt from Nagasaki Prefecture and they are characterized by their springy texture and their smoothness when swallowed.


*Reservations are not possible.

Store Guide
Hours 11:00 to 20:15(LO19:45)
Tel 0957-52-5554
Additional services

• Two hours of free parking at the Nagasaki Airport Parking is provided to customers who spend 2,000 yen or more

• Foreign language menus available (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, English)

  • All seats are non smoking
  • Foreign language notation menu - Yes
Electronic money Allowed
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Featured Products

Unique thick, springy noodles, plenty of vegetables, and seafood combine beautifully in a rich, cloudy broth made with pork and chicken bones, making this one of our signature dishes.

1,150 (with tax)


Generous toppings in a slightly sweet sauce containing pork and chicken essence. Choose from thin and thick noodles. Add Kincho sauce to taste.

1,150 (with tax)


A generous udon dish packed with ingredients. The main topping is a deep-fried kamaboko fish cake called chigiri-ten, which is accompanied by tempura shrimp, beef, wakame seaweed and a fried egg.

980 (with tax)


Udon noodles topped with aosa (powdered sea lettuce) produced in Nagasaki and a maruten (round, deep-fried) horse mackerel and sardine kamaboko, fragrant with the smell of the seashore.

870 (with tax)