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Nagasaki Miscellaneous Goods

Nagasaki Prefecture's largest range of merchandise! Offering an extensive range of specialties of Nagasaki, such as Castella, as well as products from other parts of Kyushu. The entire staff look forward to serving you at the Airport Shop.


Offers a wide range of traditional arts and crafts products from Nagasaki, including nationally-designated traditional crafts, Hasamiyaki and Mikawachiyaki pottery, as well as Nagasaki tortoiseshell and whale ivory craft items.

Store Guide
Hours 6:45~20:30v
Tel 0957-52-5551
Additional services

- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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Featured Products
Beauty Products (Camellia Oil/Soap)

Camellia oil, as well as shampoo, soap, boxwood combs and other beauty-related items are available for purchase.

World Heritage Merchandise

Many products relating to Hashima (sometimes called “Battleship Island”), a registered World Heritage Site, and the churches of Nagasaki are on sale.

Local Character Goods

Character goods exclusive to the region, including keyholders, cellphone straps, ball pens, mechanical pencils, towels, and handkerchiefs.