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Iwasaki Honpo


Pork belly that has been carefully and stringently selected is braised slowly, the fat is carefully removed, and the meat is marinated in a secret sauce to infuse the meat with the flavor of the dashi stock. The thick chunks of pork belly are then sandwiched in a soft, fluffy steamed bun to create Nagasaki Kakuni Manju. The melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the pork and the softness of the bun are a match made in delicious heaven.

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Hours 6:45~20:30
Tel 0957-54-6116
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- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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Featured Products
Nagasaki Kakuni Pork Bun

Thick chunks of pork that have been braised slowly and carefully to infuse them with the flavor of the dashi stock, with no chemical seasonings, are wrapped in a soft and fluffy steamed bun.

¥470 (with tax)

White Burger

Grand Prix winner at the Nagasaki Prefecture New Local Specialty Products Exhibition. A burger patty made with 100% Nagasaki wagyu beef is wrapped in a soft and fluffy steamed bun.

¥700 (with tax)

Nagasaki Gyoza Dumplings

The product where it all began for Iwasaki Honpo. Two types of finely chopped meat of different sizes and domestically grown vegetables are used to create the kind of filling texture that cannot be achieved with minced meat.

¥648 (with tax)

Nagasaki Kakuni Pork Mabushi (chopped pork)

Finely chopped pork is given a rich, intense flavor. Enjoy it in a myriad of ways, such as mixing it into a bowl of hot rice.

¥432 (with tax)