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Kamaboko Nagasaki Ichiban


Completely free of unnecessary flavorings and artificial preservatives so you can enjoy the natural flavor of the fish. Enjoy the taste and aroma created by the combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the skills and rich knowledge of master artisans cultivated over many years.

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Hours 6:45~19:30
Tel 0957-54-0008
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Featured Products
揚げ蒲鉾 各種
Various fried Kamaboko (Fish cake)

Our deep-fried Kamaboko is kneaded using a traditional stone mill and fried in vegetable oil.

You can taste the umami of fish in these products.

We also have freshly fried products.


Toku Oita (Special Large Kamaboko Fish Cake)

Kamaboko Nagasaki Ichiban takes particular pride in this steamed kamaboko, in which the flavor of the main ingredients, quality, white-fleshed queenfish and lizardfish, are brought to the fore.

¥980(with tax)

Nagasaki Hatoshi Roll

A mixture of minced horse mackerel caught in Nagasaki, beef-pork mince blend, onion, and other ingredients is spread onto bread, which is then rolled and deep-fried. Winner of the Prime Minister's Prize at the 50th Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival.

¥660(with tax)

Nagasaki Ichiban Nagasaki Oden

Sumptuous Nagasaki Oden, featuring ikaten(calamari tempura), hangetsu-ten (flat, semicircular fish sausage), shoryugan (boiled egg encased in fish paste), chikuwa (tube-shaped fish paste cake), daikon radish, egg, konbu seaweed, and konjac, stewed in a flavorsome ago (flying fish) stock.

¥590(with tax)