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Izumiya's castella is baked by master chefs using eggs from a contract poultry farm located in the nature-rich Unzen region of Nagasaki Prefecture. Founded in 1956, we continue to take up the challenge of creating products by pursuing delicious new flavors in keeping with our commitment "Taste innovation from Nagasaki, Izumiya", even while preserving the tradition of Nagasaki castella.

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Hours 6:45~20:30
Tel 0957-50-2710
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- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

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Featured Products
Premium Gosanyaki Castella "Hakurai no Takumi" Honey Castella No. 1.0,five slices

The ultimate Gosanyaki Castella that is an even more sumptuous version of Gosanyaki Castella, our most popular product. It is made with special eggs from Nagasaki, the finest flour, and made-in-Japan acacia honey.

¥1,800 (with tax)

長崎しよこらあと 個包装8袋詰合せ
Nagasaki Chocolate Assortment of 8 individually wrapped slices

An innovative type of castella sweet with fluffy and moist Gosanyaki Castella wrapped in bitter chocolate and white milk chocolate. It is a new idea in flavor.

¥1,500 (with tax)

恋するラスク 4種詰合せ20袋入り(スティック)
Koisuru Rusks Assortment of 20 sticks of four types

These crunchy castella rusks come in the four flavors of bitter chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and caramel chocolate. Enjoy their texture, which differs from that of ordinary castella.

¥1,500 (with tax)

綺麗菓 個包装6袋詰合せ
Kireka Assortment of 6 individually wrapped slices

In the Nagasaki dialect, the name "Kireka" means "pretty." Besides offering a different taste in each of the two layers, this treat delights the eye with its charming appearance.

¥1,300 (with tax)