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Castella / Specialty Confectionery

Nagasaki Prefecture's largest range of merchandise! Offering an extensive range of specialties of Nagasaki, such as Castella, as well as products from other parts of Kyushu. The entire staff look forward to serving you at the Airport Shop.


Extensive range of genuine Nagasaki Castella, as well as a wide variety of other specialty confectionery from around Nagasaki Prefecture and other parts of Kyushu.

Store Guide
Hours 6:45~20:30
Tel 0957-52-5551
Additional services

- Spend ¥2,000 or more to receive two hour's free parking.

Cards accepted
  • コンタクトレス
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Featured Products
Nagasaki Castella
Extensive range of merchandise from some of Nagasaki's most famous Castella makers, including Bunmeido Honten, Shooken, Touan, Izumiya, Ijindo, and Kinkaido.
Nagasaki Specialty Confectionery
Some of Nagasaki's most famous specialty confectionery, including Nagasaki Monogatari, Otakusa, Kujukushima Senbei, Hanakago, Mogi Biwa Jelly, and Ikkoko.
Traditional Chinese and Japanese Sweets

Nagasaki's time-honored traditional Chinese and Japanese confectionery, including Yoriyori, Mooncakes, Kinsenpin, Castella Roll, Okoshi, and Zabon Monaka.

Nagasaki Airport Original Confectionery, Jagamel, etc.
A new caramel sensation. Enjoy the progression of flavor from the sweetness of the caramel to the crunchy texture of the potato chips. Nagasaki Airport's most popular original product.